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Food supplier warehouse of fast moving goods and no waste australia trucks to transport and manage excess stock


Are you an FMCG importer, distributor or manufacturer? Have you encountered waste in your business? Is there inventory that is not being sold? Do you have a plan B for your waste?

We help find a home for your excess inventory

Have you produced or bought too much stock? Has your product been deleted from major supermarkets? Are you trying to clear floor space in your warehouse? or is your product going out of date?

Contact us today to arrange your exit strategy.

Why work with us?

  • Efficient and easy process of moving problem or potential problem stock

  • Capacity to buy and sell large volumes of product

  • Upfront payment

  • Sales people can focus their time on proven products with long shelf life rather than problematic stock

  • 3PL warehousing facilities in all states and territories can be utilised when direct shipping is not an option

  • Take advantage of our existing relationships

Details of how no waste australia helps it's clients who are a supplier for excess inventory green image with white icons showing the process of finding a solution to excess inventory
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