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Trucks to transport excess inventory from fast moving consumer goods business warehouse


No Waste Australia provides a solution to food waste in Australia. By arranging a simple and efficient exit strategy for business of all sizes with excess inventory, we reduce the total amount of stock dumped annually.

Primarily trading in FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), we tackle waste by purchasing millions of units each year from many iconic and widely recognised Australian businesses.

No Waste Australia is the central contact for all available sales channels for problematic products.

Our aim is to establish long term relationships built on trust, transparency and reliability. Our suppliers can depend on us to assist with their surplus stock in an efficient and timely manner.

Our SPOC (Single Point of Contact) clearance process reduces the overall time spent on selling stock and maintaining relationships with multiple clearance houses. This allows staff and businesses to focus on more profitable daily tasks and reduces the overall expenditure on disposal of unsold products.

As a result of our dedicated work to reduce global waste, end users are provided with value for money products.

Supermarket cold section of dairy products
supermarket confectionary section showing the shelving and clearance stock prices

How We Work

Our efficient and transparent mindset has led to us servicing some of the largest suppliers and manufacturers in Australia.

We pride ourselves on being the most dedicated and hardworking option available for businesses with excess stock. We are the central contact for all available clearance avenues saving businesses days working on surplus stock. As a result, staff and businesses can allocate more time and resources to profitable activities.

Alternatively, staff can attempt to set up relationships with all potential clearance outlets resulting in thousands of emails back and forth, hours spent following up offers, orders & chasing unpaid invoices.

Our approach enables business to adopt a set and forget mindset, trusting that we will find an economical solution for their stock. We are completely transparent throughout the entire process because we value the importance of brand integrity. Our aim is to create solutions not problems.


If you currently have no excess stock, it is still worth connecting so you can act quickly when you have product to clear.

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