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We create a sustainable and ethical solution for excess inventory that benefits both companies and communities.

Through our innovative redistribution process, we help companies minimise waste, reduce environmental impact, and recover value from their surplus inventory. We work to inspire a culture of responsible consumption and resourcefulness.

The Result of excess inventory and surplus stock unmanaged and dumped in the city creating rubbish, the dumping of product is in the front of the photo with trees and the city in the background

Make a Positive Impact with NWA

As a company handling excess inventory in Australia, our main goal is to reduce waste in the country by providing a sustainable solution that benefits both our clients and the environment. 


We aim to facilitate the redistribution of unsold products to individuals or organisations in need while also ensuring that responsible disposal strategies are implemented for items that are no longer viable. 


By helping our clients liquidate their excess inventory, we prevent excess resources from being wasted, and we also contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of overstocked items. 


We believe that our focus on sustainability and waste reduction reflects our commitment to making a positive impact on society and the planet.

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